Do You Need Brakes and Lights Inspection?

Here at Faulkner Mazda Trevose, we believe that a vehicle’s brakes and exterior lights are two of the most vital aspects of its operation. That’s why we’ve presented our Trevose, Langhorne, Bensalem, and Philadelphia neighbors with the following guide. The information below consists of key warning signs that let you know that it’s time to have your brakes and lights inspected by a certified automotive technician. Read on to learn more.

While brakes can last anywhere between 25,000 and 70,000 miles, it’s important to be aware of these hints that they’re going to need to be replaced sooner than expected.

The Brake Warning Light on the Dashboard Comes On

This is a sure sign that there’s an issue somewhere in your brake system. When you’ve noticed that the brake light is illuminated, be sure to have it looked at right away to avoid serious damage.

Your Car Pulls to One Side as You’re Coming to a Stop

A distinct pulling when braking can be the result of unevenly worn brake pads as well as the presence of dirt in the brake fluid.

It Smells like Something is Burning

Repairing Car BrakesIf you detect a burning smell coming from your brakes shortly after pushing down on them quite aggressively for a long period of time, it’s likely that you’ve caused them to overheat. This can happen when you’re driving down a steep hill. Once your brakes have overheated, their effectiveness will be greatly reduced. Have them replaced as soon as possible.

Vibrating or Shaking

When a brake’s rotor has become warped or a vehicle’s alignment needs to be adjusted, it’s possible that you could experience vibrations as you apply pressure to the brake pedal.

Strange Sounds

Odd noises like clicking, squeaking, and grinding are usually caused by loose or worn brake pads. If you’re hearing any of these, consult a certified technician. They’ll be able to get to the bottom of the issue in no time.

Your Brakes are Reacting Slower and Slower

If you find yourself needing to push harder and harder on the pedal in order to bring your car to a complete stop, this is an issue that’s referred to as brake fade. It occurs when there’s a fluid or air leak somewhere in the brake system.

Check Your Exterior Lights on a Regular Basis

To make sure you and your passengers are as safe as possible while on the road, you’ll want to take a look at each of your exterior lights. This includes testing the operation of your headlights, tail lights, direction indicators, brake lights, high beams, fog lights, and rear license plate number lights. If you see that any of these are not working properly, either switch them out yourself, or have them replaced by a professional immediately.

Schedule your Brakes and Lights Inspection with Us Today

If you’re currently experiencing one of the above indications that your brakes or lights need to be checked out, our team in the service center will be happy to have a look. Trevose, Langhorne, Bensalem, and Philadelphia drivers can contact Faulkner Mazda Trevose to schedule an appointment.

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