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​At our dealership, we know you want to keep your set of wheels on the roads for as long as possible. Along with practicing safe and smart driving habits, routine maintenance is also crucial in making this happen—and the all-mighty oil change is one of the most important.

Drivers in Trevose, Langhorne, Bensalem, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who are searching for an “oil change near me” don’t have to look much further. At Faulkner Mazda Trevose, our service center offers all the maintenance services you need to keep your vehicle in great condition including regular oil changes! All you have to do is schedule an appointment online and our team will take care of the rest.

The Importance of Oil Changes

Oil Change

Oil changes, while a minor maintenance service, is one of the most important services your vehicle undergoes throughout its life. That’s because motor oil works hard to keep your engine running as smoothly as it should.

Your model’s oil is in charge of a lot under the hood, more specifically, it helps your car’s engine. It starts by lubricating your engine’s many moving parts to reduce friction and also keeps it cool to avoid overheating. While it’s lubricating and cooling these vital parts, the oil is also keeping them clean by picking up dirt and build-up.

However, after working so hard over time, your vehicle’s oil will change states. Along with diminishing, it becomes sludgy and thick, unable to do its job as it should. This thicker oil can also build up in your engine which could lead to issues if not taken care of.

Without regular oil changes, your engine will have to work in overdrive due to this build-up. This leads to a poor performance and even a lower fuel economy. Additionally, heat from the friction caused by unlubricated parts can cause damage, overheating, and dangerous driving conditions.

To avoid these hazardous things from happening under the hood of your model, frequent oil changes should be scheduled! Lucky for you, they’re quick if you call on our professionals!

How Our Service Center Does Oil Changes

Oil Change

When you bring your vehicle into our service center at our vehicle dealership, you can count on it being in the best of hands even for your most vital maintenance services. Our expertly trained and certified service technicians will take great care of your vehicle while also working quickly and efficiently to keep you on schedule.

First, our technicians will drain the old oil from your vehicle and replace the oil filter with a brand-new one. Then, they’ll replace the old, dirty oil with new oil that meets the exact needs of your vehicle. After you have just the right amount of oil back in your car’s engine system, the technician will do a visual inspection under the hood to ensure that everything looks good.

Before you know it, you’ll be back on the road enjoying a reliable, safe, and smooth-running vehicle. All you have to do is make an appointment and let our team do the work for you.

When to Schedule an Oil Change

Oil Change

Every vehicle on the road is different, therefore, there is no set timeframe on when you should schedule an oil change. It all comes down to your vehicle, its engine, and how (and where) you take on the roads.

The best way to determine when your specific model requires an oil change is to refer to your owner’s manual. This will give you a recommendation straight from the manufacturer. However, a general rule of thumb for most modern models is around the 5,000-to-7,500-mile range—but there’s more you need to think about as well.

Where and how you drive also play key parts in how often oil changes should be scheduled. If you fall into any of the following categories, consider changing your oil more frequently.

  • You drive in heavily polluted or highly dusty areas
  • You tow or haul heavy loads often
  • You find yourself in stop-and-go traffic frequently (city drivers)
  • You take your vehicle off-roading or on uneven terrains
  • If the weather is particularly hot or cold (extreme weather)

If you’re unsure if the location where you drive or your driving habits are affecting how quickly your vehicle’s engine is using oil, worry not. With a simple oil check, you can see if your model needs a complete oil change.

How to Check Your Car’s Oil 

Oil Change

Checking your oil at least once a month is a smart habit to get into. Not only will it help you keep up on needed oil changes for your model, but it also ensures that you can spot any issues or inconsistencies before they turn into larger issues.

Better yet, checking your vehicle’s oil is extremely easy and no tools are needed! Here is what you’ll do:

  1. When your vehicle is cooled down (typically around 15 to 20 minutes after the engine has been turned off), pop open the hood and locate your oil dipstick. This should be located near the engine.
  2. Remove the oil dipstick and with a clean, lint-free rag, wipe the stick and then insert it into its pipe again. This will help provide a more accurate reading!
  3. Take out the oil dipstick once again and inspect the oil. Acceptable oil will be a translucent amber hue, smooth to the touch, and will not smell burnt. Also, make sure to double-check the oil levels as well.
  4. After your assessment, return the dipstick where you found it and close your hood. It’s that simple and quick to check your oil!

If during your inspection you find dirty oil, which is dark, thicker, full of debris, and smells burnt, it’s time for fresh oil. Let our team do the work for you when you schedule an appointment online!

More Signs Your Vehicle Needs an Oil Change

If you’re unsure when you had your vehicle’s oil changed last, chances are, your model will let you know. Along with dirty oil, the following warning signs can be an indication of a lack of clean, fresh oil under the hood. So, when you notice any, make sure to reach out to our service center and schedule an appointment right away.

  • Illuminated Dashboard Lights: If your check engine or check oil dashboard indicators have turned on, it’s a telltale sign it’s time for an oil change. When you visit our dealership’s service facility, our technicians will confirm the cause of the light using next-gen diagnostic tools!
  • Odd Noises: Roaring, clanking, or even grinding sounds emitting from under the hood of your ride might be a sign your model needs oil. When the engine has to work harder to run due to lack of oil, these noises are quite common.
  • Exhaust Smoke: If you’re seeing thicker smoke coming from your exhaust, it might be a warning that you have faulty engine parts due to a lack of oil. An oil leak can also cause this to happen, so schedule an appointment asap!
  • Excess Vibrations: Do you feel like your ride is vibrating more, especially when idling? These odd sensations can be caused by unsuitable oil, meaning it’s time for you to get ready for an oil change.
  • Unusual Smells in the Cabin: Smelling oil, gas, or exhaust fumes in the interior of your vehicle is also a sign your vehicle requires a new oil filter and fresh motor oil. While this could be due to a leak or faulty engine parts, the main source likely was caused by a lack of fresh oil.​

Schedule Your Next Oil Change near Me!

Still have questions about our many maintenance and repair services? We have you covered! Drivers in Trevose, Langhorne, Bensalem, and Philadelphia, PA, can follow the links on this page to learn more about oil change services and how the team at Faulkner Mazda Trevose can help you.

Then, when you’re ready, schedule your oil change by contacting our team either online or via phone. We look forward to helping you keep a safe vehicle soon!


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